Poland gold saber eagle officers wz1919 / 21 without the scabbard on board

Manufacturer: armorer
Net Price: €83.84 103.12

The eagle sabers were popular in 1919 - 1921 and appeared in different variants. A copy modeled on G.Borowski saber made for the Poznan Fair in 1921. Blade made of polished steel, ground on both sides in a wide furrow. At the outer amphibian among plant motifs Polish crowned eagle and the inscription God Honor Fatherland.



blade: high-carbon polished steel (requires maintenance)

Brass handle of the Eagle type in two colors

Length sword without scabbard: approx 94 cm

The length of the blade (blade): about 80 cm

The length of the handle: about 14 cm

The width of the blade at the handle: approx. 3.2 cm

Blade thickness at the handle: approx. 4 mm

Weight without sword scabbard: about 1 kg

The set contains a wooden tablo.

Board length: 110 cm
Board height: 20 cm
Weight board: 2 kg