Replica weapons for sale, swords, armor and knives.

Welcome to the store- the world of original and unique gifts for any occasion. Such a present guarantees that the person will be happy gifted. Replicas of weapons - this is our speciality.

We are the largest store in Poland offering replicas of historical weapons and the biggest European shop with unique exotic masks, which come directly from the islands of Java and Bali and a range of high-quality Veronese sculptures.

Huge variety of products

Our shop offers unique replica of firearms and high-quality replica edged weapons. Historical replica of Polish swords (pattern saber 1917, 1921 and 1934, hussar saber) deserve special attention, as well as miniature replicas of cannons and guns, decorative colt and revolvers replica, leather cowboy hats replica, medieval halberds replica, functional helmets replica, richly decorated katana replica, well mapped replicas of rifles and pistols, old replicas of crossbows in different scales, replica of Roman swords, Scottish replica of swords, ceremonial swords replicas, replica of Vikings swords (Scandinavian) and the original replica of coats of arms and panoply.

In our offer, you will also find a replica of a popular cowboy belt, flint, rare rapiers, priceless armor of knights, unusual firearms, sought from the period of World War II long rifles and muskets, richly decorated Winchesters, smaller replica of daggers, replica of magnificent chivalry shields. For every product purchased from us, we offer hangers, hooks, racks, frames exhibition, decorative wooden boards and exclusive wooden packaging in the form of a box for each model replica.

Each unique firearms replica from our offer is based on historical exemplars and are produced with materials of the highest quality. Many interesting replica of firearms have the option of putting a so called dry shot and removable magazine with the opportunity to spread its constituent parts, which affects realism and authenticity.

Hand-made replicas

In a wide range of great cold steel replicas from our store, you can find many hand-made models made by renowned Spanish armourers of high carbon Toledan steel, valued for a very good quality. This group of armourers performs their work (originally weapons and currently copies) to provide you with unique edged weapons' replicas, from generation to generation, for 400 years. Each of their historical replica of edged weapons is characterized by a very high quality and great attention to details.

Each unique replica of weapons from our offer can be a surprising and unforgettable gift, not only for a collector.

Movie replicas

We invite you to familiarize yourself with film replicas as well. We offer among other things, replicas from the movies:

  • Kill Bill,
  • Spartacus Blood and Sand,
  • Rambo,
  • 47 Ronin,
  • The Walking Dead,
  • Robin Hood,
  • Gladiator.

All the products can be seen in the Movie Replicas section..

Every cinema lover will find something for himself in our wide range of products. Department of thematic Movie Replicas will be constantly expanded with another models from new and classic films. If you are looking for some replicas from a movie or a video game, please send us an e-mail. We will try to meet your expectations. E-mail address to send queries in this regard is:

Historical swords

All lovers of weapons replicas are invited to the HISTORICAL SWORDS section as well. All the swords there are entirely hand-made of high carbon steel by experienced armourers. Each replica of this department is well-balanced. Many items are the exact copies of museum objects on a scale of one to one. Swords to sell can be usually completed with scabbards of leather and wood or leather only. The offer includes:

  • Roman swords,
  • Greek swords,
  • medieval swords,
  • Renaissance swords,
  • Single-handed swords,
  • Hand and a half sword,
  • Two-handed swords,
  • Viking swords,
  • Rapiers,
  • Sword of the Templars.

Japanese swords

Moreover, we have completed a huge collection of Japanese swords, made with great care and attention to detail.

Complete offer the following divisions:

  • Decorative japanese sword sets,
  • Decorative katana,
  • Decorative ninja swords,
  • Shirasaya decorative swords,
  • Tanto,
  • Wakizashi

Swords of this section are made of stainless steel or Toledan high carbon. Sheaths are prepared of hard wood and are hand painted or carved.

For each Japanese sword, you can buy a suitable stand in the section: SOJAKI. For sets of swords (katana, wakizashi and tanto), we make a free wooden stand for display.

Our wide offer

The offers include:

  • Professional Katana
  • Professional Ninja swords
  • Professional swords Shirasaya
  • Professional Wakizashi
  • Professional Tanto
  • Japanese sword professional sets

All the models of these sections have been produced by hand in small blacksmithing while retaining all the traditional rules.

The highest quality of replicas

The blades are made of high carbon steel, Damascus, layered (in various combinations). Many models are traditionally hardened with clay, fire and water. On the edges, there is real hamon. Scabbard (saya) is made of hard wood, lacquered, hand-painted, carved, decorated with shells, horn or real ray skin. Handles made of hardwood, often with real ray skin. All the models are beautifully crafted and present high-quality: kashira, menuki, fuchi, tsuba and habaki. If you are demanding and looking for the perfect Japanese swords, we invite you to see a wide range of our katana, tanto, ninja swords, shirasaya and wakizashi.

Hunting and US Marines knives

What is more, we have enriched our offer with some shorter blades. Hence, you can find here a wide range or US army and US marines knives, which have been common in the past and continue to be used nowadays. Apart from them, you can also order a marvellous Elk Ridge hunting knife. Products from this renowned company are appreciated worldwide, as they guarantee the highest-quality and real firmness. A hunting knife is not only destined for finishing animals off, but also for some camp work. You can use it to, for instance, eviscerate the prey and prepare the meat to be eaten. However, we have collected not only US army knives and hunting models, but also military bayonets that should be added to a gun replica in order to enhance its realism.

Revolvers and other firearms

It is worth mentioning that we also store a lot of small firearms copies. Each replica of revolvers that we offer is designed and produced adequately in accordance with the original exemplars. As a result, you can be certain that your Colt replica looks and weights exactly like the one which was in use since the nineteenth century. Moreover, you can also choose a blunderbuss replica, what is the exact copy of this muzzle-loading firearm that constituted a prototype of a shotgun.

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