Colt replica revolvers

Revolvers are a kind of repeating firearms which is constructed on the basis of a revolving cylinder. That is where this weapon stems its name from. This cylinder contains multiple chambers, most commonly five or six. It makes it possible to shoot fluently without the necessity to reload the gun every time.

Such firearms have been known since the 17th century, but no sooner that in 1831, they started to be commonly used. At that time, Samuel Colt invented the percussion revolvers. First model that was manufactured on a massive scale was Paterson from 1836, produced by Colt's company in New Jersey. Since then, revolvers have been the integral part of the military history.

A Colt replica is very famous nowadays as well and it is commonly used in sport shooting. In our shop, you can find a highest-quality replica of revolvers used in the past that will allow you to familiarize yourself with the uniqueness of this firearm. We store, for instance, the USA Navy colt replica, as well as the models that commemorate Little Big Horn battle, which took place in 1876.

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