Firearms replicas

Apart from a replica of blade weapons, you can also order a copy of various historical firearms here. It will make a perfect gift for every military lover and not only. For example, you can choose a flintlock pistol replica that perfectly imitates one of the first guns, developed at the beginning of the seventeenth century. They are produced in accordance with the prototypes from such countries as France, Spain, Italy or Great Britain. Apart from that, there is also a highly ornamented blunderbuss replica in various colours. It is sometimes referred to as the earliest shotgun, as it was flared at the muzzle. Such a firearm was commonly used by cavalry.

One of the most popular products in our store is a replica of revolvers. Those weapons contained six chambers usually, which allowed a soldier to shoot continuously in a battle. The most popular models were those produced by Samuel Colt. A replica of such a revolver will certainly impress all your friends and relatives, because it looks exactly as its historical prototype. Moreover, you can buy a miniaturized cannon or a powder horn here, to name but a few.        

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