Roman sword

The other name of the Roman sword is the Gladius Hispaniensis. It is a short sword with a double-edged steel blade. The hilt was very often a square or an octagon with an orbicular pommel and was made of wood, bronze or ivory. It was a weapon carried by the legionaries and was mainly used during the combat, thanks to the small size the pushes were made with very high accuracy. With the development of weapon, there were four primary kinds of this sword which are known as the Gladius Hispaniensis, the Mainz Gladius, the Fulham Gladius and the Pompeii Gladius. All of our products are made neatly from the finest materials which ensure durability and beautiful appearance of the product.

The origins of this sword can be traced back to the Celtic Europe. It became a compulsory part of the equipment of every legionary after the reforms developed by Gaius Marius had been applied. During a battle, this Roman sword was used mostly to cut, thrust or chop to cause as much damage as possible. It was produced of steel and carbon in diverse amounts and had a characteristic double-edged pointed blade. Its hilt was called “capullus” and it was made of ivory, bronze or wood.

Gladius sword was very effective in a close-combat warfare in the ancient times. When an enemy was stabbed with this sword in the abdominal area, he was very likely to die quickly. There is an anecdote saying that the king of Macedonia Philip V was hugely terrified at the sight of lots of people killed with the use of gladius sword. It proves how highly respected and forceful in the ancient world this Roman sword was.

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