Decorative katanas

We are proud that we have in our offer a reproduction of Japanese sword – katana, also called samurai sword, with a blade length greater 60 cm. Firstly, this sword shown up in Japan in 710-794 and was called tachi. Then the evolution of this sword into the nowadays katana has started during the early Muromachi period (1392-1573) and from about 1400, long swords called katana have been made. Furthermore, in 1500 that kind of sword became samurais’ favourite weapon. All of our swords are handmade with due diligence for the smallest details.

Katana is enabled with a one-sided slender curved blade. It evolved from tachi during the Kamakura Period (1185-1333). It became more popular when close-combat warfare evolved. Quicker draw of the sword and instant stroke started to be crucial for a success in a battle. Katana sword could be grabbed and used to hit the enemy in only one movement. Later variants of this samurai sword were applied in the World War II Japanese army.

In its heyday, katana had a strong spiritual meaning, apart from a military use. Samurai passed it from generation to generation, as it was considered to have kept his soul. This sword was perceived as a living deity and sometimes even got a god name. The process of producing katana was kept highly in secret. Nowadays it is still highly respected and even treated with a touch of mysticism. In our samurai sword shop you can get only the best-quality replicas of these noble weapons.

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