Battle ready sword

In the offer of our online store, enthusiasts of re-enactments of historical battles will find many models of battle ready sword replicas and sabers. A wide selection of products enable you to find sword for battle from various epochs and historical periods. Weapon available at the store include Greek, Celtic, Roman, Medieval, Renaissance and even Viking swords. The most popular weapon models include, for example: the sword of the Roman gladiator, the sword of King Uther (King Arthur's father), the dagger of Artemisia, the American Civil War sword or the American Revolution saber. The majority of products is available for immediate delivery. However, due to the fact that the battle ready swords are hardened and forged by hand, a wide range of products is manufactured on client’s individual request and the time of order execution may take up 45 to 60 days. Each hilt is made with special attention to details, which is why the replicas constitute perfect reflection of the originals.

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