Haenel schmeisser mp41 replica (1124)

Manufacturer: Denix
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SUBMACHINE GUN - Haenel Schmeisser MP41



  • Manufacturer: Denix Spain
  • Length: 86 cm
  • Weight: 3,2 kg

We offer a highly realistic Haenel Schmeisser MP41 replica. The original firearm was designed by Hugo Schmeisser, a son of Louis Schmeisser, known as the inventor of MP18 - the very first practical machine gun. Schmeisser worked as a chief designer at C.G. Haenel, a company, which was responsible for manufacturing MP40 submachine guns for the German army. It is speculated that with the access to the production lines of MP40 parts he wanted to create a firearm, which was supposed to suit better infantrymen.

The selective-fire trigger and the wooden stock were taken from MP28, while the receiver, barrel and magazine well assembly came from MP40. The major receivers of the brilliant MP41 were SS troops, SD and police forces. The production of the firearm was abruptly stopped in 1942, because of a patent infringement lawsuit against Haenel, as well as because of the fact that it did not exceed the standard MP40. These are the main reasons why only 26700 MP41 submachine guns were made during World War II.

One of the most characteristic features of MP41 was its wooden stock. It was responsible for stabilising the gun and reducing the recoil. Its fire rate reached up to 550 shots per minute. The firearm uses 9x19 mm Parabellum ammunition and its magazine can hold 32-rounds. The gun was effective on distances up to 200 metres. The Haenel Schmeisser MP41 replica presented in our collection comes from a reliable manufacturer, who used real wood for the stock and zinc-aluminium alloys for the rest of its body. The product has a removable magazine.