HISTORICAL SABRE Hussar from the XVII century with scabbard

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HISTORICAL SABRE Hussar from the XVII century with scabbard


Manufacturer: SPANISH DEPARTMENT armourers


This is one of the bests cavalry sabres in the history. Traditionally attributed to the Polish Hussars, used by almost all cavalry formations in Polish army. It connected features from Western sabre (thumb-ring) and Eastern sabre (curved blade). Used in 17th and first half of the 18th century. Today a symbol of Polish knights values.


Length: 95 cm
Weight: 2 kg

This replica has beautiful brass handle with detailed ornamentation. The cross-guard is closed with thumb-ring for fast recover hand after missed cut. The grip is cover by black leather and hooded by decorative, brass back-plate. The blade is decorate on both sides – the Hussar picture and picture of Mother of God and inscriptions: “Hussaria” and “Jesus Maria Josef Spes Mea”.
The set include chrome steel scabbard.