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A decorative replica.

The model is based on historical models


Gun reproduction, made of zinc and aluminum alloy, with a simulated charging and firing mechanism, as well as with a removable magazine.

Parabellum pistol or model 1908 (P08), popularly called Luger, is a semi-automatic pistol with a recoil that has survived the constraints of the Versailles Treaty. It uses the internal slider, operated by the articulated arm, in contrast to the universal slider common in almost all other semi-automatic guns.

It was designed by Georg Luger in 1898 and produced by the German arms factory Deutsche Waffenund Munitions fabriken (DWM) from 1900. During its use Luger P08 passed into the hands of several producers who were responsible for the production of more than a million pieces of this legendary pistol, which permanently marked its presence in the history of short weapons.

Although the first models were produced as 7.65x21 caliber Parabellum, its model from 1908, is famous for being a gun for which Parabellum 9x19 cartridge was developed. The name Parabellum comes from the old Latin sentence "Su vis pacem, para bellum" ("If you want peace, get ready for war").

Parabellum Luger gun became very popular thanks to the use by the Germans in the First and Second World Wars and was a very sought-after pistol throughout the 20th century.


Material: ZnAlu - zinc and aluminum alloy

Handles cladding: natural wood

Weight: 0.99 kg
Length measured diagonally: about 30 cm

Length measured from the top: 27.5 cm

The length of the barrel: about 13.5 cm

Black colour


Our replicas of firearms are made of special alloys, which makes it impossible to adapt them to the firing of any ammunition (our replicas are devoid of any weapons in the meaning of the Law on weapons and ammunition). It is not a real weapon deprived of utility in the meaning of the Act on arms and ammunition, where the process of depriving us of functional features is very strictly regulated by law (special gunworks, etc.). Our replicas do not constitute a weapon or its alterations and as replicas can be purchased without permits. Replicas of firearms in our store are only decorative articles.

Handles and stand visible in the pictures are not subject to the offer. The price does not include them.