SABRE Hussar WITHOUT sheath engraved FINGER CIRCA 1750

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The Polish Hussar Sabre with thumb-ring

The Polish Hussar, which at the beginning were light cavalry, at the half of the 16th century took over the role of lancers. Armoured with a lance (only comrades), sabres, plate armour and helmets (often kettle hats), polish hussars were the base of polish army. From the 1630s the number of polish hussars were gradually reducing. Abandoned plate armour and replaced these with leopards and tigers skin leathers. They started to use pistols. In the 1690s, at the end of wars with Turks, the lances were replaced by muskets. The Polish Hussar proved to be the decisive factor in the spectacular wins in the following battles: battle of Curtea de Arges (1600), battle of Kircholm (1605), battle of Kłuszyn (1610), battle of Chocim (1621) and also battle of Vienna (1683). Polish Hussar existed to the half of the 18th century.


Length: 91 cm
Weight: 1,2 kg

This replica has Western Europe originated thumb-ring allowed for better control over the sabre. Both thumb-ring and hood ornamented. The handle is closed with grip covered by black leather, brass casing.
The blade curved circular, with showed feather, with inscription “HUSSARIA” and the Hussar picture.
The tasteful tassel joined to the handle.