Survival gear kit backpack

Our survival shovel kit which includes items such as flashlight and thermal blanket is perfect for a trip or a gift. It is a must-have set for people who love adventures and want to take a trip to the mountains or the forest where access to the benefits of the 21st century is significantly limited or impossible. The survival kit backpack includes, among others, a survival shovel, compass, firelighter, tourniquet and additional equipment necessary to survive away from civilization. This product is also perfect for family holidays.

Survival kit backpack usually comes with:

  • Thermal blanket,
  • Survival card,
  • Folding shovel kit with a nylon cover, twisted with a lock. Length after folding about 42 cm (ball, bottle opener, hoe),
  • Firestarter and lighting plate with measuring cup and bottle opener,
  • Tactical pen,
  • Small LED flashlight (AA finger type batteries - not included),
  • An alarm mirror,
  • An alarm whistle,
  • A tourniquet,
  • Compass opened,
  • Small nylon backpack,
  • Long and durable paracord line,
  • Cotton scarf 100 cm x 100 cm
  • Wire saw,
  • 3x fishing line,
  • 2 x fishing hook,
  • 2 paper clip,
  • 2 safety pins,
  • 2 floats,
  • 2 weights,
  • 2 swivels with a safety pin,
  • Waterproof plastic packaging,
  • Manual in Polish.