Survival set emergency kit

People willing to go on survival, outdoor, mountains trips or any other excursion in the bosom of nature should keep in mind their safety by always having an emergency kit with them. It is a product that includes the accessories essential for the survival even in the most difficult conditions. The big advantage of such a set is its compact size. As a result, survival set emergency kit takes up very little space in the backpack and is easy to transport. All equipment is packed in a comfortable, waterproof camo-colored pouch.

Our survival set emergency kit usually comes with:

  • Long tinder
  • Tactical pen
  • 2x Paracord bracelet (includes compass, tinder and alarm whistle)
  • 2x carabiner
  • Whistle
  • LED torch (does not contain finger batteries)
  • Small led flashlight
  • Large folding blade knife
  • Multi-functional multitool survival card
  • Open compass
  • 2x Thermal blanket
  • Water bottle clip
  • Wire saw