Richly engraved crossbow medieval replica (w1f)

Manufacturer: ITALY
Net Price: €26.22 32.25


The replica of crossbow from Medieval times. The crossbows appeared in Poland at the end of the 12th century and became common in the 13th century. In Poland were in use at least two variety of crossbow which is in sources from 1515 about bought the ten crossbows for 60 pennies and two smaller types for 48 pennies.


Length: 58 cm
Wide: 40 cm
Weight: 0,7 kg

The exact replica of Mediavel crossbow was made of wood and zinc and aluminum alloy. Bolt is shorter than bow’s arrow. After shooting the bolt has rotational fly. Its maximal range gained 400 metres. The shooting energy was even ten times stronger than shooting with bow. The initial speed was 150 m/s. The highest efficiency was in shooting at 75-90 meters.




Manufacturer: ITALY